mardi 15 novembre 2016

How to fix warnings 1082 (migration issue) and 1008 in Adobe Animate CC AS3?

When I debug the project, I got received 222 warnings and it contain only two warnings:

Warning: 1082: Migration issue: Method %s will behave differently in ActionScript 3.0 due to the change in scoping for the this keyword. See the entry for warning 1083 for additional information.

And the another one:

Warning: 1008: return value for function '%s' has no type declaration

And then, I provide a screenshot of warnings. I'm finding a solution of it esp Warning: 1082: Migration issue but unfortunately, I found nothing. I read about Warning: 1082: Migration issue and it says that the codes import from AS2 to AS3, but in my case, I NEVER using AS2. And yes, I'm importing code from the another file, but in AS3. How can I fix these errors? Any ideas on how to solve it? Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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