mercredi 30 novembre 2016

Is there a way to get the DefaultProperty metadata at runtime?

I'm trying to get the DefaultProperty metadata for a class in ActionScript but I can't find any mention of the DefaultProperty in the metadata XML.

I'm using the following code:

var describedTypeRecord:DescribeTypeCacheRecord = mx.utils.DescribeTypeCache.describeType(BorderContainer);
var typeDescription:* = describedTypeRecord.typeDescription;

The XML is long but here the first node it returns:

<type name="spark.components::BorderContainer" base="spark.components::SkinnableContainer" isDynamic="false" isFinal="false" isStatic="false">

The default property for BorderContainer or SkinnableContainer is mxmlContentFactory:


I've also tried RichText. The default property for this is "content":


It doesn't seem to show anything about it in the metadata.

In the compiler options I have included the compiler arguments:


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