dimanche 20 novembre 2016

Which programming language to use for game programming

I've been using actionscript 3 for years but since fgl.com closed it's marketplace for browser games I decided to try my chance on steam.

I've made my research a bit;

-Steamworks' api uses c++ which means c++ should be a logical option for 100% integration with it.

-Many game companies and developers use c++.

-it's such a strong language in the right hands as I know (memory management and deeper level of coding as far as I know)

But since I'm an indie developer and I'm not going to make any 3D games in the near future, I am a bit confused. Because as I know C++ has some cons as well.

As I know c++ is much more complicated in comparison with other languages like Java , as3 etc. And people say it's better to be used in projects which a team is working on and "it's not neccessary to use such a complicated language for working ALONE".

What is you professionals' idea on the subject? Should I learn c++ for game developling or do you guys have any other suggestions, ideas, corrections etc. ?

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