vendredi 10 mars 2017

ASC3 -ADOBE FLASH CS6 Movie clips/score

Hi there i am making a little game app via adobe flash and acs3 . I want to start the app then a movie clip appears , then i have some series of buttons on stage from which the user must select the one to match the object on screen with the button . Every time the user hits a button click from the buttons placed on stage, the object should change based on the correct (add 10 the score) or wrong(do not count) button click from user. So basically , i think a way to match the object spawned on screen with the buttons on screen ,is to take their x and y and if they match add on score and move on. ,Any ideas on how to make an object appear on specific x ,y on stage and then wait for the user to click and based on their x and y match or wrong? I can provide more info if someone has questions.

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