mardi 7 mars 2017

Flash Media Server 4.5 or any

I have set up Flash Media Server 4.5 (Local PC, no Amazon or any Online Service). Remote location (same LAN) streaming live to the server using analog capture cards with Adobe Flash Media Encoder. The locations is streaming to the following rtmp url.

FMS URL: "rtmp://server-ip/live"

Stream Name: "stream1"

From a website i have use jwplayer to play that stream and that is okay. The problem comes when i want to record during live streaming.

How to achieve that? The player doesn't support recording, "is just a player".

Is there any way to capture and save to a local folder a portion of the live stream during live streaming? Notice that Flash Media Server uses Server-Client side Actionscript.

Please if can anyone help. Thanks in advance!

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