mardi 7 mars 2017

Starting with functions on AS3

i'm new in AS3, and i would like to know how to make this to work. What i want is when i mouseover one object, the other appears from 0 alpha to 1. I searched google but i cannot find anything that helps me with this issue.

The code is this one:

var frequency = 3;
this.movieClip_1.addEventListener("mouseover", fl_MouseOverHandler);

function fl_MouseOverHandler()

// Execute movieclip 2 function


var movieClip_2_FadeInCbk = fl_FadeSymbolIn.bind(this);
this.addEventListener('tick', movieClip_2_FadeInCbk);
this.movieClip_2.alpha = 0;

   function fl_FadeSymbolIn()
   this.movieClip_2.alpha += 0.01;
   if(this.movieClip_2.alpha >= 1)
        this.removeEventListener('tick', movieClip_2_FadeInCbk);

Thanks in advance.

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