vendredi 21 avril 2017

Google translater like converter in adobe flex

I am trying to create translator in adobe flex. Which can convert English text to other selected text.

I have two textarea.

<s:HGroup gap="10" paddingLeft="2">
   <s:TextArea id="txtarea1" width="200" heightInLines="3" />
   <s:ComboBox id="cmbBox" dataProvider="{langList}" change="onChange(event)"/>
   <s:TextArea id="txtarea2" width="200" heightInLines="3" />

langList contains languages name like Spanish, French etc.

I want to convert text, which user enter in txtarea1 into txtarea2 in which language user have selected in combobox on combobox change handler.

I have reviewed many documents but, didn't get any proper. like: This and This. But, there is written like i have to insert converted languages in .properties file. But, i want that automatically.

And yes i have entered added all compiler arguments for required languages. like: -locale en_US de_DE.

Any help would greatly appreciated which give me right track to move forward.

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