samedi 8 avril 2017

How can I use a non-dragonbones texture atlas with dragonbones?

I created a game a few years ago, and now im in the middle of updating the game to be compatible with iPad Pro. So I thought I would update dragonbones too.

Back when I created this game, I used a texture atlas made with Texturepacker and the skeleton data from dragonbones(texture packer uses XML as the output texture atlas data format), and it worked perfectly. I loaded the xml data file into dragonbones with the help of XMLDataParser. but now I see the new version (dragonbones 4.7) has gotten rid of the xmlparser.

THE QUESTION: how do I use assets from an external texture atlas (not created with dragonbones) in dragonbones with starling? or is it only possible to use the texture atlas that Dragonbones generates?

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